We have developed some tools to help you in your communications with the Council.

Planning Application Comment Generator

Your objection made easy!

Commenting on planning applications is time consuming and very frustrating, not least because most of the time your comments will be completely ignored. In 2009, for a planning application to build two 42-storey skyscrapers on top of Clapham Junction Station, the planning officers rejected most of the objections received, saying that “Many of the objections to the design do not give any specific reason as to why they do not like the tall buildings; just that they do not like the tall buildings and this is not a suitable location for them”. In a nutshell, those comments were lacking proper planning jargon and the planning officers did not like that!

In addition, as we saw in so many occasions in the past, local residents are dismissed compared to the interest of developers (Wandsworth Council is currently piling up on the cash received from property developers!). It was clearly expressed by the chair of the Planning Application Committee who once said: “It would not be fair to punish the developer because residents had previously enjoyed certain levels of space and light”.

Therefore we are providing a tool to help you shape your comment both quickly and efficiently (i.e. with the necessary planning jargon that will make most impact on the planning report.)


Automatic Planning Report Generator

Have you ever wondered how is Wandsworth Council able to produce planning reports to justify approval for the most inappropriate developments? A thorough analysis of the context taking into account the feedback from the area? Of course not, as it was demonstrated HERE.

Now, for the first time, we can reveal the well guarded secret: they use an automatic planning report generator!

Just try it now and enjoy an easy report! You will see how accurate and carefully worded planning reports are.