General Election 2024 results for Putney, Battersea and Tooting

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General Election candidates in Battersea - Credit: Montage CJI

Labour have held all three Wandsworth constituencies in the 2024 General Election. In all three constituencies, the Green Party is the only party to increase (hugely) its number of votes, despite a much lower turnout.

Full result for Battersea

UK Parliamentary general election was held on Thursday 4 July 2024 and in the Battersea constituency we had a choice of 9 candidates. Below are the results (with the change in number of votes).

Election Candidate Party Votes % Change/2019
DE CORDOVA, Marsha Chantal Labour 22983 49% -4307
PRIDHAM, Tom Francesco Conservative 10944 23% -10678
CHUBB, Francis Edward Vaudrey Liberal Democrat 4826 10% -4324
TAYLOR, Joe Green Party 4239 9% +2710
EDWARDS, Barry Reform UK 2825 6%
SMITH, Daniel Edward Workers Party 499 1%
BURFORD-CONNOLE, Georgina Rejoin EU 401 1%
THOMAS, Jake Independent 216 0% -170
DAMPIER, Ed Social Democratic Party 149 0%

With our friends from we have contacted all the candidates before election day and offered them to answer a few questions.

We list below the candidates for the Battersea Constituency by time of response (Joe Taylor, from the Green Party was the first one to respond to our questions).

  • Green Party – Joe Taylor
    Read our interview of Joe Taylor HERE.
  • Reform UK – Barry Edwards
    Read our interview of Barry Edwards HERE.
  • Conservative and Unionist Party – Tom Pridham
    Read our interview of Tom Pridham HERE.
  • Workers Party of Britain – Dan Smith
    Read our interview of Dan Smith HERE.
  • Liberal Democrats – Francis Chubb
    Read our interview of Francis Chubb HERE.
  • Rejoin EU – Georgina Burford-Connole
    Read our interview of Georgina Burford-Connole HERE.
  • Labour Party – Marsha de Cordova
    Read our interview of Marsha de Cordova HERE.
  • Social Democratic Party – Ed Dampie
  • Independent (former Brexit Party) – Jake Thomas
    No response

Full result for Putney

  • 2024 Turnout (%poll: 58.5%)
  • 2019 Turnout (%poll): 77.41%
Election Candidate Party Votes % Change/2019
ANDERSON Fleur Labour 20952 49% -1828
ROBERTS Lee Jamie Conservative 10011 23% -7995
MCCARTHY Kieren Michael Liberal Democrat 5189 12% -3359
MCENTEE, Fergal Joseph Green Party 3182 7% +2049
HUNTER, Peter Reform UK 2681 6%
KHOO Heiko Bernard Workers Party 433
BURFORD-CONNOLE Felix Rejoin EU 289 1%

Full result for Tooting

  • 2024 Turnout (%poll: 68.77%)
  • 2019 Turnout (%poll): 76.17%
Election Candidate Party Votes % Change/2019
ALLIN-KHAN Rosena Chantelle Labour 29209 55% -1602
BROOKS, Ethan Kane Foster Conservative 9722 18% -6782
HUMBERSTONE Nick Green Party 5672 11% +3358
TROUNSON Judith Liberal Democrat 4438 8% -3867
PRICE Andrew Reform UK 2546 5%
HUSSAIN Tarik Ul Raza Workers Party 807 2%
ALDUK Jas Rejoin EU 370 1%
JAMUS Davinder Singh Independent 179 0%

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