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Automatic Planning Report Generator

Have you ever wondered how is Wandsworth Council able to produce planning reports to justify approval for the most inappropriate developments? A thorough analysis of the context taking into account the feedback from the area? Of course not, as it was demonstrated HERE.

Now, for the first time, we can reveal the well guarded secret: they use an automatic planning report generator!

How to use the Automatic Planning Report Generator

  • Complete the fields in the form below: Site Address, Application Number, Ward, Proposal Description.
  • Choose a type of recommendation (Approve/Refuse).
  • Committee Date is optional, you can fill it later when you know it.

Then, hit the PROCESS button as many time as you want to generate as many reports justifying the recommendation chosen and browse down to visualise the result. For another version of the report, PROCESS again without changing the information (you can check/uncheck options).

  • For a full report you can even display the "Consultation section" with the most frequent comments received (however this is only to comply with mandatory duty as this is always ignored by planner who "know better").
  • You can also "Highlight" the most common planning keywords that you can use, with a simple check in the box.

Just try it now and enjoy an easy report! You will see how accurate and carefully worded planning reports are. And if you think they should refuse the scheme, hit PROCESS with Recommendation = Refuse to get a report full of arguments to refuse the proposal. It is that simple!

You can then copy the full report in a document and you will have a very similar report to what the Planning Application Committee will receive at the time of their meeting.

NB: You can even use this generator for other boroughs, we made it generic to work in most urban areas.

Planning Explorer

NB: All report generated are using extracts from existing planning reports written by officers between 2011 and 2017 (all quotes refer to existing wording used to justify planning application - references to all quotes are kept in our database).

Planning quick search

  • search for planning applications submitted after 2000 by applicant name, street, date, type and/or status using the Planning Explorer.
  • search for planning applications submitted prior to 2000 in the Planning Archive.