A new landmark is being proposed for the corner of Falcon Road/Battersea Park Road

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Proposal for the Asparagus pub - Credit: design concept/ A&F associates

A proposal has been unveiled for a new landmark at the site of the Asparagus pub, located at the intersection of Falcon Road and Battersea Park Road. Architects drew inspiration from the historical significance of asparagus in the Battersea area, intending as a tribute to this crop.

The new owners of the site have disclosed plans to redevelop the location of the local pub, Asparagus, into a 100-meter platform tower at the corner of Falcon Road and Battersea Park Road.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Battersea gained renown for its asparagus production, alongside cabbage, beans, melons, and lavender, due to the favorable conditions of well-drained soil and natural springs along the Thames estuary. Asparagus became emblematic of the parish, traded in bundles known as “Battersea Bundles.”

The architects explained:

“Inspired by the graceful form and resilience of the asparagus plant, the design of the tower embraces sleek lines and organic shapes, reminiscent of the plant’s elegant stalks and delicate tips. The structure’s exterior will feature a dynamic facade that mimics the texture and hues of asparagus, creating a visually stunning focal point that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape.”

Concept proposal for the new “Asparagus” tower – Credit: A&F design

Beyond its specific design, the building is envisioned as a multifunctional space featuring upper floors tailored for coworking spaces topped by a sleek tower housing a dynamic array of amenities. These include a viewing platform adorned with rotating pods, a sophisticated restaurant, an elegant cocktail bar, and a publicly accessible rooftop terrace offering sweeping panoramic vistas of the surrounding area.

Developers view this as an ambitious opportunity to establish a landmark serving as a gateway to Clapham Junction, completing the comprehensive redevelopment of the area extending to Battersea High Street, which has experienced some decline in recent years.

At its core, the tower will embody sustainable design principles, mirroring the resilience of the asparagus plant itself. Green technologies such as solar panels will be seamlessly integrated into the building’s infrastructure, reducing its environmental footprint and setting a new standard for eco-friendly architecture in the area.

The developers said:

“As a symbol of innovation and renewal, the asparagus-inspired tower will not only redefine the skyline of Clapham Junction but also reinvigorate the community, serving as a beacon of progress and pride for generations to come.”

According to the developer’s own survey, the proposal has received positive feedback from the local community during initial consultation.

The Wetherspoon Asparagus was sold in 2022

The proposal comes more than a year after we announced that JD Wetherspoon was selling the Asparagus pub. In January 2021, we reported the opening of a new London and Southwestern Wetherspoon pub at Clapham Junction station, noting it as the second Wetherspoon establishment in the area, the other being the Asparagus at the opposite end of Falcon Road.

Although the clientele differs significantly between the two ends of the street, with the Asparagus attracting patrons from the new developments on York Road as well as from Battersea High Street with its food market, some locals speculated that one of the two pubs might have to close. Given JD Wetherspoon’s £860,000 refurbishment of the Clapham Junction site during Covid, it was likely to be the other one.

Former Asparagus Wetherspoon pub – 1 Falcon Road SW11 – Credit: Google Map

A council spokesperson stated:

“Wandsworth’s planning policies have long identified Clapham Junction as a location for taller building. The challenge lies in striking a balance between competing interests to serve the entire community’s best interests, to improve the borough’s built environment and to provide new economic benefits. Clapham Junction should remain a vibrant town centre and we welcome proposals that demonstrate ambitious visions for shaping the area positively.”

Skyscrapers have proliferated in the area over the last few decades under Conservative administration, and York Road is now lined with tall buildings.

Plans put forward by ambitious developers in recent years include several towering structures over 200 feet tall, such as a 32-storey tower on York Gardens (part of the Winstanley & York Estates redevelopment) and a revival of the 25-storeys tower for the candle factory site (see recent article in primeresi.com).

Council’s plan for the Winstanley and York Road estates

Proposals for several more tall buildings, including a 38-storey tower scheme in Battersea Bridge, could further transform the Clapham Junction area as we know it.

The plan is currently a concept likely to evolve, and a consultation meeting is expected in the coming month before submitting a formal application to Wandsworth Council.

Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE 02/04/2024: The article above was, of course, and April’s fool 🙂

The Asparagus pub at the corner of Falcon Road and Battersea Park Road was indeed sold in 2022 by JD Wetherspoon as we reported in a previous article. However, Portobello Pub Company took over the premises and after a full makeover they reopened last week.

According to Battersea Beat, they have kept many of the original team with a new General Manager called Phoebe. You can find more about the Asparagus pub on Instagram and on their website.

The new Asparagus Pub – Credit: CJI

The idea of the tower was a real proposal in London’s Square Mile designed by Foster + Partners and called The Tulip. The comparison with an asparagus was actually made on Twitter by Mike Bodnar.

It would have become the second tallest in the UK after The Shard, reaching 305 meters high. Its application was initially approved by the City of London Corporation in 2018, but was called in and refused first by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Its rejection was confirmed by Housing Secretary Michael Gove in 2021.

You can read more about that proposal that could have become London’s landmark (BTW, it was also nicknamed ‘the sperm’) here and there.

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We also published an article in 2021 explaining why an April’s fool joke does work.

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