Asda is laying turf on its landscape to replace bark mulch

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Asda is filling green space with grass - Credit: CJI

In preparation for spring, Asda has decided to change the layout of their landscaping and cover it with grass instead of the previous mix of bark mulch and small shrubs. The bark mulch was a poor attempt to reduce maintenance for those spaces and was often filled with rubbish, with shrubs failing to thrive.

The end of winter and early spring are ideal times to lay turf, when the soil isn’t too wet or frosty and minimal mowing is needed. Newly laid turf can then be left relatively undisturbed for several weeks, aiding in its rooting.

Credit: CJI

The result should be much nicer with grass, assuming they provide sufficient maintenance with regular cleaning, mowing, and proper watering.

Asda in June 2023 with bark mulch and little shrubs – Credit: Google Street View
New layout with grass in March 2024 – Credit: CJI
Credit: CJI

The council is maintaining the other side of Falcon Lane and usually planting some daffodils in spring, with pleasing results.

Grass on Falcon Lane in June 2019 – Credit: Google Street View

In 2020, Asda changed their landscaping in a cost-cutting exercise. While existing trees were retained, most of the lower vegetation was replaced by “low-maintenance ground” covered with bark mulch.

Asda before changing their landscaping with bark mulch.

The use of bark mulch was decided upon after their initial proposal to remove all vegetation and cover the area with a smooth, porous resin finish was met with strong opposition from local communities, with 98 objections received by the council.

Trees and shrubs are not protected in the Asda premises, and the store does not require permission to modify the areas. The local planning authority has very limited control over these areas, but we all know that greenery is in demand in the borough, especially in the town centre, and this decision from Asda is welcomed.

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  1. It’s depressing how poorly the shop and surrounds have degenerated since the sale to the new owners. The main shop entrance is appalling, and often used as a storage place rather than a retail entrance.
    Also, the layout of the site is astonishing: why was the car park not put at the back, next to the railway line? I am hoping for a complete redevelopment of the entire site, including the Boots and Lidl – it’s just horrible through there, anti-pedestrian, filthy, and bleakly awful.

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