Station entrance: Brighton Yard plans unveiled

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Wandsworth Borough Council has published a press release to say that Network Rail has revealed enhanced designs for a new entrance to Clapham Junction Station at Brighton Yard.

The latest designs include a forecourt with full vehicle access and passenger drop off area, a taxi rank, step-free pedestrian access and 42 covered cycle parking stands.

The entrance building plan includes ticket vending machines, a staffed ticket office, automatic ticket barriers, customer information screens, two retail units, toilets and baby changing facilities.

The new entrance will lead onto the existing footbridge, which will provide access to all of the platforms via stairs and newly installed lifts. This will mean thousands of commuters can reach their trains while completely avoiding the congested main entrance and subway tunnel.

The total project costs are expected to be around £1.5 million which will be split between Network Rail, South West Trains, Transport for London and Wandsworth Council.

Work could start in spring 2010 once work associated with installing new passenger lifts has been completed.


The council estimates the total cost of bringing the station up to a reasonable standard will be well in excess of £100million. So far the Government has only offered around £5million in new funding.

Work is in fact already in progress has shown on the photos HERE.
Regarding the latest statement, as usual the more the better. But for comparison purposes it is important to remember that Metro Shopping’s scheme, which included the two 42-storey towers, was allocating £50m for the new station, including the cost to provide a temporary facility during the several years work.
Details of the plans are today available on the Council’s website:

  • New station entrance at Brighton Yard – proposed forecourt (click on the image to see bigger or download the PDF):

  • New station entrance at Brighton Yard – proposed ticket office (click on the image to see bigger or download the PDF):

Apparently more improvements are coming:

  • On the Grant Road approach, improvements to bus interchange and standing arrangements are planned.
  • In addition, more could be done to relieve congestion by relocating some bus stops closer to Brighton Yard entrance.

Read also our article: Wandsworth Council is stepping-in for Clapham Junction station improvement.
The designs are at an early stage of development and may be subject to change.
As WBC planning department said, Network Rail do not require planning permission under the GPDO (General Permitted Development Order 1995) with the possible exception of some details. Therefore further information will come certainly directly from NR.

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  1. Much better than last time. It will be good particularly to be able to exit from Brighton yard and avoid the jam in the lower corridor. For most people the walk will then be downhill which is very different from walking up-hill to use Brighton Yard as an entrance. I think this might be a consideration when the experts do their projections of human traffic flow!
    And it is good to see 6 loos proposed, which while not over-generous for a Station that size, is an improvement on 2 which I think was on the previous plan.
    Things are looking up!

  2. It looks good and its great news they might finally get on and do something.
    However, if you are wanting to turn left onto St Johns hill, and walk downhill, then it looks like you have to walk all the way along to the left in the plans and then go down some steps before you can then turn left and walk downhill. So its a bit of an extra walk, its a shame there will be no entrance/exit that takes you down to street level.
    Maybe this could be added later, when (if) more money turns up.
    Thanks for your efforts posting this stuff, and Merry Christmas all !

  3. Will Henderson> You mean they could use the stair case at the street level right beside the entrance (doors) of Brighton Yard building to allow people to go straight to the station without having to walk up hill through the car access?
    I think you’ve got a point : the old Brighton Yard building access could be reused – and would even add a little “cachet” to the access.
    Those are just drafts – we should be meeting with NR in January, we could suggest amendments. There might be constraints due to the existence of shops of the street frontage.

  4. Looks good, but only two ticket desks? I think there is 7 in the current ticket hall.

  5. Paul Forrester> It is not to replace the current one, but to provide additionnal facility. They expect at the maximum to redirect 30% of the traffic, which also means 2 out of 7 ticket desk. Also mind that since the PAYG Oyster from January, they have a lot less demand on the ticket hall.

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