Fish in a Tie: A Community Asset Lost

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The Fish in a Tie restaurant today - Credit: CJI

Fish in a Tie, located on Falcon Road SW11, has unfortunately failed to recover from the impact of Covid-19 and remained closed after the lockdown period. A notice posted on the door suggests that the premises is being repossessed.

The Fish in a Tie restaurant on Falcon Road has been shut for over two years now, with a repossession notice prominently displayed on the front door since October 2022.

Fish In A Tie Bailiff notice

At the time of writing this article in July 2023, the interior of the restaurant still contains chairs, tables, and most of the furniture.

Their last Facebook post, dated November 2020, promoted food delivery and takeaway services. They had planned to reopen following the initial Covid-19 lockdown and the summer season. Unfortunately, their efforts were short-lived as another lockdown was announced during the Christmas period, sealing the fate of the business.

Inside Fish in a Tie – Credit: Facebook page

With its vintage decor, the wooden tables and chairs, the paper napkin and white table clothes, the collection of unusual mirrors, Fish in a Tie left behind an ambiance reminiscent of a countryside restaurant in a quaint European village. Surprisingly, this gem was nestled in central London, a short distance from one of the entrances to the busy Clapham Junction station.

The menu mirrored the establishment’s ambiance, offering a selection of traditional dishes. Prawn avocado salad, choux pastry with crab filling, risotto, lamb steak, beef bourguignon, lobster, banoffee pie, creme brulée… nothing unusual but all very good according to the vast majority of online reviews.

To say that the prices were reasonable would be an understatement. It is quite astonishing how they managed to keep prices low without compromising on taste, quality, or portion sizes. For instance, a two-course lunch menu was priced at £9, which was likely a quarter of what one would pay at most other restaurants in the area. On Sundays, customers could enjoy a traditional British Sunday roast for less than ten pounds!

Fish in a Tie set menu – Credit: Facebook page

It is remarkable to consider that back in 2012, the lunch set menu was priced at £5, and the evening menu at £10. These prices made it difficult to believe that you were still in central London.

Fish in a Tie in 2012 – Credit: Googlemap

In 2017, the restaurant celebrated its 20-year anniversary, having thrived since its establishment in the previous century. It had become a beloved hub for residents of the surrounding estates, and many locals cherished the restaurant as a venue for celebrations and family lunches. Additionally, it often attracted Labour supporters, with occasional sightings of Latchmere ward Councillors (Councillor Tony Belton even shared a blog post recounting the incident of his stolen bike during a visit in 2017).

Customers inside Fish in a Tie – Credit: Google reviews (2015)

During the initial lockdown in 2020, Fish in a Tie displayed its generosity by donating all of its frozen food, including lobsters, to Waste Not Want Not (WNWN), a local charity founded five years prior by Hadas Hagos (read our article about WNWN).

This was a local restaurant cherished by the local residents and will be missed by the community.

We leave the conclusion to one of their customers who commented on TripAdvisor (Dawkinsrocks) in November 2022:

“I know this restaurant is now closed. A casualty of the homogenisation of London with a little bit of Covid to push it over the edge

Why am I now adding a review? In the hope that the owners read this.

My wife and I would like to thank you for years of pleasure in your quirky vibrant and most unlikely but brilliant restaurant.

London is a poorer place without you.”

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