Plans to increase size and remove features revealed by Peabody

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Phase 2 site looking North from - Comyn Road

Phase 1 of the redevelopment (153 homes) was completed in April 2016 and includes 80 homes for social rent, 6 shared ownership and 67 private sale. During 2016 the Phase 2 site was cleared of all buildings.

However in December 2016 residents were informed that the estimated build cost for Phase 2 had increased significantly. Hence building has stopped and Peabody will be submitting a new planning application.

The latest newsletter from Peabody, which was circulated to residents in Comyn and Eckstein Road, gives an outline of their proposals for Phase 2 & 3.

New proposal with additional height on some of the buildings, reduced car park, less windows, blocks replacing houses…

Peabody are looking to increase the height on some buildings by one or two storeys on the whole site.

  • Replace the basement car park in Plot 9

The proposed plan for Phase 2 will not include the underground car park on Plot 2 (In the original planning application, this car park was to be an extension of the existing underground car park in Phase 1). This is considered as too expensive.

The proposed car park will be located on ground level on Plot 9 and will have significantly less spaces than in the original plan. The car park will be covered and a garden will be built on top. This will mean that all the apartments on the ground floor will have no windows on the car park/garden side.

  • Bring forward the older personʼs accommodation from Phase 3 to Phase 2 and provide this as extra-care
An artist impression of older personʼs accommodation (used back in 2012’s leaflet)

As the rest of the development is now delayed, Wandsworth Councilʼs housing team has put pressure on Peabody to re-house the older person’s accommodation as soon as possible.

Therefore Peabody have proposed an 8 storey building on Plot 2 which will incorporate a community centre on the ground floor.

  • Redesign of Plot 9

In the original planning application, the properties facing Comyn Road were to include ground flats with little “garden” entrances, which would reflect the existing properties in the road. In order to mitigate cost, this has now been replaced by standard blocks and apartments in the new plans will have steps leading down to the front door.

Architect’s image of the Peabody development
  • Change in mix of homes for sale

There will be a smaller proportion of larger family homes for private sale.

What next?

When Peabody presents their final proposals they will hold a consultation event to invite comments from residents and the local community. Once Peabody have your views they will develop their plans further taking into account the comments and suggestions we received.

For further information please contact Julia Conrad on 020
3828 4546 or 07738 804647 or email

The vacant site

Peabody is now expecting to submit a revised planning application in 2018 with construction starting in 2019.

Peabody are working with residents to try and find a suitable use for Phase 2 demolition site. It is very likely that this site will remain as it is until 2019.

Peabody is looking at the potential for a mobile garden which can be moved around the site as development progresses. They need a group of dedicated gardeners to help make this a success.

If you are interested or have other suggestions for how the space can be
used, please contact Chantelle Culley on 07801529297 or

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  1. Totally support the reduced car parking. In fact, scrap it all! Why would ANYBODY need a private car in this location, immediately adjacent to CJ station? Maybe just spaces for a few club cars, disabled cars. I can’t comment on the mix of housing needed, except to hope that a large proportion will be “affordable.” My main hope is that the quality of design and attention to detail that won a Brickie award for this estate is not sacrificed for the sake of economy. It seems to me that Peabody have been doing a great job of ensuring that good design is for everyone, so I trust them to uphold that in straightened circumstances.

    • There might be plenty of reasons for having a car including the need for work (except if you work central London you might need a car if you have to go to …Surrey for example – and for some jobs a car is required), if you have small children, etc…
      Unless you consider only young single professional for new build in Clapham Junction, an anti-car policy is unfortunately segregating people not allowed to live in the location.

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