NORTHCOTE WARD Special E-bulletin – September 2010

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Author: Cyril Richert
I received the latest newsletter from the  Councillors of Northcote ward with article on the Bolingbroke site:

NORTHCOTE WARD Special E-bulletin
Building a new school at Bolingbroke Hospital
September 2010.
Welcome to a special Northcote e-bulletin about plans for a new school at the Bolingbroke Hospital. Please forward the bulletin to friends and neighbours.
Cllr Jenny Browne, Cllr Peter Dawson, Cllr Martin Johnson
Northcote Ward, Battersea
Council statement about the Bolingbroke’s future use
Our recent e-bulletin gave information about a pre-planning application exhibition at Chatham Hall that St George’s NHS Trust has arranged of its proposals for the Bolingbroke Hospital site (see details later).
Wandsworth Council has issued the following statement about the leaflet that St George’s delivered in the local area:
“The St George’s NHS Trust is consulting on proposals for new flats and health facilities on the Bolingbroke site.
The main purpose is to establish the market value of the site including the required health provision.
The Trust’s consultation document contains incorrect information regarding the Council’s proposed purchase of the site.
The Council has made the Trust an offer to buy the Bolingbroke site for the provision of both the promised health facilities and a new school.
This offer has been made in accordance with the timescale laid down by the Trust.
The Trust as a public body has a duty to deal with the Council. It cannot sell to another party at this stage.
Negotiations between the Council and the Trust for the site’s purchase have already begun. Once these are completed there will be a fresh planning application which will include the new school alongside the health facilities.
The Council has written to the Trust’s chief executive formally drawing his attention to the misleading information in the consultation document and asked for this to be corrected”.
Press release New school at Bolingbroke Hospital site
Jane Ellison, MP for Battersea, and Northcote councillors will be at one of Jane’s “Street Surgeries” on Saturday 11th September between 10am and 11am, at a stall outside the Bolingbroke Bookshop, 147 Northcote Road. This is an opportunity to call by and mention any concerns, local or national, of a non-confidential nature, which you want to raise with us.
The Neighbourhood School Campaign
As we reported in the September e-bulletin Council Leader, Edward Lister has warmly welcomed and expressed support for the proposal to open a new secondary school on the Bolingbroke site that has been submitted to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education by ARK Academies and the Neighbourhood School Campaign.
St George’s NHS Trust Exhibition
The Trust has arranged a pre-planning application exhibition of its proposals for the Bolingbroke site at Chatham Hall, 152 Northcote Road on Friday 10th September (6.30pm to 9pm) and Saturday 11th September (9.30am – 12.30pm).

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