SW11 Literary Festival 2010

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Author: Cyril Richert
Over the three weeks from the 9 to 30 September, you will have the opportunity to engage first hand with novelists, historians, poets, translators, screenwriters, journalists, essayists and thinkers. During writing workshops, everyone has the chance to have their writing skills benefit directly from the wealth of expertise they are bringing right to your doorstep.
It is a Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership initiative, and they run the festival in partnership with Waterstones.
Download the 2010 festival programme here:   SW11 Literary Festival Programme
A slogan for Battersea
They have also launched the “slogan for Battersea” competition at the same time. People are asked to text in or tweet slogans, which will all be put up in the windows of Debenhams.
Use no more than 15 words, to compose a catch phrase or slogan, which describes or refers to SW11.
Start a text with Battslog then a space, then your slogan. Text it to 07786 202 844. You can submit as many as you like. Your slogan will be published instantly on:
or you can Tweet your slogan using the hashtag: #battslog
Here are some slogans that were already sent: “Battersea the heart of Clapham“, “Battersea, a place to meet, shop and eat, a formidable treat“, “Battersea: as you like it, a midsummer’s night dream, much ado about everything“, “Battersea becomes you“, “Battersea: powerful and well-connected“, “Battersea: vintage yet modern“, “Battersea; the many faces / urban and gritty / suburban and leafy / always fun and lively“, “Battersea’s treats are better“…etc
Sending a slogan only costs the same as sending a normal text to a friend’s phone. You will not be signed up for anything, ever.
The best entries will be printed and displayed in the windows of selected retail outlets in the area – look out for your slogan in the window of Debenhams in Clapham Junction! A winner will be chosen at the end of the festival and he/she will receive a Waterstone’s vouchers. The winning slogan will be printed on t-shirts for next year’s festival, and used on town centre publicity.
Competition closes 31/10/10
Update: I attended the launch organised by Lorinda Freint and held at the Doodle Bar on Friday 13 Aug at 6.30pm. It was a great success and gave me the occasion to talk to some Council officers in charge of business development and even… to have a little chat with Cllr James Cousins.
Talking about business, and as I was telling them that a Paul would be welcomed in Clapham Junction, I can tell you (according to my well-informed sources!) that a Paul patisserie should open in Northcote Road at the end of the year (probably by November 2010 if everything goes fine).

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