84% of comments sent to the Council are objections

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Wandsworth Planning Service’s website is showing all the documents regarding the planning application for redevelopment of Clapham Junction Station area. For information you can search the planning register and enter application number: 2008/4488.
On this page (here), I counted 334 objection comments (up to the 27th November… more are surely still coming) and … 63 support comments! So far it means:

15.87% supporting,

84.13% objecting

However it looks like Wandsworth Council does not have the same view, as one Councillor said: “It is fair to say that the application is attracting a large number of representations, both for and against.It would be more accurate to say that about 84% of local residents who sent comments, object to the planning.
Anyway, thanks to all of you giving your views, we have had tens of letters published by the Wandsworth Borough News (to find out how to send your letter to the newspaper(s), please refer to our contact page).
Wandsworth Borough News-19/11/08Beside is an example of the letters published in the Wandsworth Borough News of the 19th November 2008 (click to enlarge). With titles such as “Disastrous“, “Leave it out“, “Insensitivity“, they give a clear message on your views.
I highlighted the letter from the Councillors Philip Beddows, Peter Dawson and Martin Johnson. They particularly insist on saying:
As Northcote Ward Councillors, we want to reassure people that their comments and views about the application to redevelop the area around Clapham Junction can still be submitted to the council after the November 17, when the formal consultation ends. In fact such comments cam be submitted right up when the planning applications committee meets to consider the proposal, […]
Therefore we would urge people to make their views known on the important issues involved, including the scale and design of the two towers; the development of new station facilities; matters related to transport interchange particularly between rail and bus services and the proposed mix of residential and others, predominantly retail facilities.
[…] We want to hear from residents whether ot not this is a development that they want to see on their doorsteps.

Have your say NOW and let the Council know your views!

I suggest you also email direct to the Wandsworth Planning Committee members, by writing to Martin Newton, Committee Secretary: MNewton@wandsworth.gov.uk and asking him to pass your comment to all members.

You can also sign our petition here

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