Crossrail 2 latest changes for Clapham Junction

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Crossrail 2 Safeguarded area update Oct. 2015

Beside the discussion of pros and cons to choose between Balham and Totting as Crossrail 2 stations further down the route, they have also published a new document showing more precise locations for Crossrail 2 work in Clapham Junction.

The main difference between the 2 maps (below the one published in March 2015, above the one published in October 2015) is a greater worksite on the south of the station, and a smaller worksite in Grant Road, especially no longer extending to Falcon Bridge.

Blue Areas: These are areas where the Crossrail 2 proposals have a greater effect at ground level, such as for stations, temporary worksites or ventilation and emergency shafts.
Blue Areas: These are areas where the Crossrail 2 proposals have a greater effect at ground level, such as for stations, temporary worksites or ventilation and emergency shafts.

Does that mean that Wandsworth Council will be able to stuck one or two skyscraper just there? Unlikely right now as there will still need for site access.

According to the document, new Crossrail 2 station at Clapham Junction would be underground and could include:

  • 2×250 metre long platforms. Station platform tunnels around 20 metres below ground level to the top of the tunnel
  • A new station entrance and ticket hall onto Grant Road
  • An enhanced station entrance onto St John’s Hill (Brighton Yard? St John’sHill Shopping Centre, that we have long advocated ?)
  • An improved public realm and coordination with local
    development aspirations at Bramlands (Grant Road)
  • The permanent realignment of Grant Road (???)

To construct Crossrail 2 we would require three worksites:

Site A – Would be used to construct a station box, station shaft and a bridge between Crossrail 2 and the existing station. The site includes the existing Network Rail sidings and yard which would be relocated in the northern part of the site.

Site B – Includes Grant Road, a bus terminus and the Church of Nazarene and would be used for construction of a new Crossrail 2 station entrance and station shaft. This site includes an area for the realignment of Grant Road. Works would be coordinated with the London Borough of
Wandsworth’s plans for development.

Site C – Includes an existing entrance and would be used to construct an amended station entrance at St John’s Hill which would be coordinated with Network Rail’s capacity enhancement works.

Responding to the consultation

Crossrail2 is currently consulting until until 8 January 2016 on the different elements of its plan. Further details about the proposals are available at, where you can access a range of factsheets and view an interactive map of the proposals.

To respond formally to this consultation, please visit to leave a comment or provide a response to the consultation questions contained in the feedback form.  Alternatively, you can respond by post to: FREEPOST CROSSRAIL 2 CONSULTATIONS.

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