2014 Local Election May 22nd: Your candidates

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Wandsworth Council elections will take place on Thursday May 22, 2014.

Below you will find the candidates listed on the wards around Clapham Junction: Latchmere, Fairfield, Northcote, Shaftesbury (full list on the Council’s website). We have indicated the current councillors.


  1. BELTON Anthony – Labour Party Candidate [Councillor]
  2. DAVIS Richard – Liberal Democrats
  3. EDWARDS Robert – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  4. HOGG Simon – Labour Party Candidate [Councillor]
  5. MASON Peter – Green Party
  6. PLUMMER Matthew – Conservative Party Candidate
  7. SINTIM Rose – Conservative Party Candidate
  8. SPECK Wendy – Labour Party Candidate [Councillor]
  9. SUMMERFIELD Rosemary – Conservative Party Candidate
  10. TINKLER Angela – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  11. VOYCE Hollie – Liberal Democrats


  1. CRESSWELL Liane – Labour Party Candidate
  2. JOHNSTONE Jacqueline – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  3. MCCAUSLAND Piers – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  4. MCLEAN Seymour – Independent
  5. PONSONBY Fred – Labour Party Candidate
  6. SCAPING Paul – Liberal Democrats
  7. SHARP Caroline – Labour Party Candidate
  8. SWEET Will – Conservative Party Candidate
  9. THOM Stuart – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  10. WARREN Patrick – Liberal Democrats
  11. WATERMAN Antony – Green Party


  1. BEAVAN Jake – Liberal Democrats
  2. DAWSON Peter – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  3. DODD Jane – Conservative Party Candidate
  4. EVANS Guy – Green Party
  5. GREEN Christine – Liberal Democrats
  6. HEATH Harvey – Labour Party Candidate
  7. JOHNSON Martin – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  8. KANAL Shalu – Labour Party Candidate
  9. NABARRO David – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  10. NOBLE Gareth – Labour Party Candidate


  1. AL-AMEEN Remi – Labour Party Candidate
  2. AUSTIN Caroline – Green Party
  3. COOK Jonathan – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  4. COUSINS James – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  5. LINTON Martin – Labour Party Candidate
  6. MONTGOMERY Patrick – Liberal Democrats
  7. SENIOR Guy – Conservative Party Candidate [Councillor]
  8. STOCK Kate – Labour Party Candidate
  9. VAN DE L`ISLE Hugh Denzil – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


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