CJTCP – meeting 1 Decembre 2011: feedback

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One year since my last meeting … I must say that I have not been very assiduous.
Below are my observations. In dark red are personal comments.
Exemplar Scheme:
Phase 2 is on going. Main road-work was meant to finish before Xmas (including clean path in front of Debenhams)  with temporary traffic light in place. It was meant to resume on January 9th starting in Lavender Hill from the Mossbury Road corner (KFC).
Due to the Olympic Games, work is due to stop before June with all footway  (including the space made in front of the Revolution pub) in place this summer. The permission for outside tables and sitting for the pub is still under discussion.

  • Phase 2b (after summer) should include the pavement in front of Windsor Castle pub, Mossbury Road and Falcon Road (up to the bridge where pavement has already been re-done).
  • Phase 3 (2013): St Johns Road (full carriageway)
  • Phase 4 (2014): Lavender Hill and St John’s Hill (up to crossing with Plough road).

Martin Johnson, Northcote Cllr, made a comments regarding the “seedy” stainless bins. The Council officers are aware of the “unacceptable situation” and are dealing with the issue.
Xmas lights in Clapham Junction area:
In view of budget restriction, there is a strong possibility that Council’s funding for Christmas lights will be withdrawn next year. The current cost (storage + electricity + manpower to set it up) is £20,000 with additional funding of Battersea High Street, Battersea Park and Northcote Road of £10k each. Steve Orne, St John’s Hill Business Association representative, enquired for the possibility of businesses to take over the cost not paid by the Council.
Battersea Power Station:
Treasury Holdings UK, the owner of Battersea Power Station, has been put under administration at the end of the year.

Not only does it raise immediate question on the future of Nine Elms redevelopment scheme (at least the collapse of the redevelopment plans for the iconic building of the area should motivate some changes), but it has also direct consequences to the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership Board: Sarah Banham was also chairing the Board as Associate Director of Development at Treasury Holdings UK, which is no longer active in Battersea. I assume that an election will take place next meeting ?

Rebranding Clapham Junction:
A marketing company Halogen was engaged to work out a plan for marketing Clapham Junction. The proposed name is: the Junction (getting rid of Clapham will certainly please Battersea lovers, who celebrated recently another victory in correcting Google Map).
The plan centres on  the issues discussed by the Board  at the last meeting: putting vinyl’s on vacant Lavender Hill shops, Christmas events, improved web site, branding of Clapham Junction, posters and leaflets etc. Feedback on Battersea High Street and Clapham Junction Centre Christmas events has been very good. Idea is to brand events under the ‘At the Junction’ brand. Another project is a phone app for the junction, places to see, things to do etc.
Next meeting will be in February (dates here).

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