Tall building: resubmission to the Council

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A few weeks ago Cllr Tony Belton requested information update after our contribution to the debate on the Tall Building policy, currently reviewed (as part of the LDF) by the inspector.
He  received the following response:

Dear Cllr Belton
Thank you for your e-mail regarding the “Tall Buildings submission from amenity groups”.
A joint letter was produced by the amenity groups and was sent to the Planning Inspectorate. I have attached this for your information.
Since the letter was written, at the Inspector’s request, the Council is now consulting on the changes proposed to the Core Strategy post submission, including the policies relating to tall buildings. Letters, informing people of the new consultation, have been sent to everyone who has engaged in the Local Development Framework consultation process, including all of the amenity groups concerned who should now re-submit their comments direct to the Council. Consultation responses should reach the Council by the closing date of 6 November 2009.
I hope this is of assistance.
Tim Cronin
Head of Development Control

The Clapham Junction Action Group, albeit involved in the submission and being engaged in the LDF debate, has not received the letter. I managed to get a copy of the letter (but if someone from the Town Hall is reading this, it would be nice in the future to send us the information -we are reachable with the contact form, and we can provide further contact details if requested) that you can read below (click on the image to enlarge).
WBC-Consultation Core Strategy Letter 1/2 WBC-Consultation Core Strategy Letter 2/2
The letter says specifically:

As recommended by the Inspector, the Council is now consulting on the proposed changes to the Core Strategy. This is to allow stakeholders to make representations (comments) regarding the soundness of the proposed changes. […] All other proposed changes [i.e. except percentage of affordable homes] in relation to tall buildings and affordable housing  are open to representations in relation to soundness!.

The Wandsworth Society has resubmitted today – and addressed to the Council (Martin Howell) – our brief on behalf of the Putney Society, the Battersea Society and the Clapham Junction Action Group.
We are looking forward to the response of the Council.
As stated by the letter, consultation will begin on Friday 25 September 2009. All representations must be received by Friday 6 November 2009.
The Core Strategy Examination Pre hearing Meeting is now expected to take place on 8 December 2009 with the Public Hearing Sessions commencing on 2 February 2010. This should be confirmed by the Planning Inspector in the week commencing 9 November 2009.
UPDATE 06 Nov 2009: After a bit of confusion to where it was sent an who received it, it was definitely confirmed today by Martin Howell (Group Planner – Policy & Information) that our submission was received and will be added to the representations to be considered by the Inspector.

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