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Wednesday 28th January 2009
Public meeting on the Clapham Junction planning proposal

Venue: Wessex House, 1a St Johns Hill SW11 1TN (in front of Clapham Junction station)
Time: 7pm – 9pm => more information here

Three speakers will be addressing the audience at our public meeting on the 28th January (Wessex House, in front of Clapham Junction Station – 7pm-9pm):

  • Martin Linton (Battersea MP)
  • Tony Tuck (Battersea Society)
  • Kate Williams (Clapham Junction Action Group)

Other speakers have been contacted as shown below, but rejcted our offer for a place on the platform:

Delancey & Metro Shopping Fund


From: Cyril Richert
To : Glenn Burton <>
Date : Monday, 12 Jan 2009, 12h52mn 23s

I know that you have been contacted by the Battersea Society to attend the meeting. However, I would like to reiterate our invitation to have a speaker representing either Delancey, or the Metro Shopping Fund to speak at the meeting.
I think it would be very positive to present your view, maybe to explain the purpose and advantages of the development, and to have the opportunity to answer the concerns of the public and express your view of Clapham Junction future in the debate.

None; but Harvey Heath (secretary of the Battersea Society) got a response on a previous contact saying that they did not wish to attend the public meeting and speak on the platform. According to Harvey, they replied to him at the time: “We are happy to talk to answer any further query that were raised but public meeting forums are not the best way to discuss elements of the scheme“. I knew that you would enjoy that, especially after  they’ve threaten to sue us

Nework Rail


From: Cyril Richert
To : Contact Form
Date: 12th January 2009
Public debate 28th Jan 2009 – Clapham Junction Planning Application
As you may know there is currently a wide debate about the opportunity of the current Clapham Junction redevelopment proposal.

I think it would be very positive to present your view, maybe to explain the purpose and advantages of the development, and to have the opportunity to answer the concerns of the public and express your view of general rail policy and investment in the debate.


From: Matt Hadlington
To : Cyril Richert
Date: 27 Jan 2009

Dear Mr Richert,
Thank you again for your email.
I have spoken with the relevant colleagues from both our commercial property and operations team and on this occasion we are unable to attend tomorrow’s Battersea Society event.
We are currently liaising very closely will the LB Wandsworth regarding the proposed transport improvement works at Clapham Junction. We have recently received a letter from the Council asking us to respond to some very specific points which we believe have been raised through the planning consultation. We expect these to cover many of the key concerns raised by the local community. May I suggest you speak with your ward councillors or the relevant officers for further details.
If you have any further queries resulting from the meeting, may I suggest you raise them through the planning process.

The Council of Wandsworth


From: Cyril Richert
To : Lister, Edward (Cllr)
Cc : List of Cllrs
Date : Monday, 12 Jan 2009, 12h42mn 59s

I understand that you have other engagements and regrettably won’t be able to attend the Public Meeting on the 28th January.
However, it would be very positive to have someone representing the Council of Wandsworth as a speaker (along with the Battersea MP, the Battersea Society and the Clapham Junction Action Group and maybe the Mayor of London’s office), maybe to give a broader view on the Wandsworth policy on tall buildings, the application process, or to talk about more general aspects of developments in the borough. It could be someone outside the planning Committee and not showing any specific “pre-determine” position but addressing the general concern of the public?
Would any Councillor (part of the majority running Wandsworth Council), like to address the concerns of their constituents?


From: Lister, Edward (Cllr)
To : Cyril Richert
Cc : List of Cllrs

I am sorry but it is just not possible for me to attend your meeting as I have another meeting that evening at the Town Hall which I cannot miss.
The Council’s position is absolutely clear and was outlined in my earlier email to you. By all means please feel free to share that with everyone.
A number of Councillors will of course be attending the meeting and listening to the debate. You should however please bear in mind that no Member of the Planning Committee can express an opinion otherwise it could be considered a pre-determination of the planning application and they would be unable to take part in the decision when the matter comes before the Planning Applications Committee for a decision. It could also give grounds to an appeal by the applicant.
Yours sincerely
Councillor Edward Lister
Leader of the Council

The London Mayor’s Office


From: Cyril Richert
To :
Cc : Mayor of London <>
Date : Monday, 12 Jan 2009, 12h28mn 57s

I think it would be very positive to have someone from the Mayor’s office as a speaker (along with the Battersea MP, the Battersea Society and the Clapham Junction Action Group), maybe to give a broader view on the GLA policy, or to talk about more general aspects of Boris Johnson’s policy on tall building/skyscrapers?
Could you could help us and relay our call?

In addition I asked Jane Ellison to relay the request as she might have contact in Boris’ office but no answer from her.
No answer. I heard that Jane Ellison is now on holiday.

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